Conachen Aviation is the home of the Osprey® UAV, the Seahawk S-UAV and Jaeger S-UAV. Conachen Aviation offers a variety solutions for your UAV needs. If you need a custom designed unmanned aircraft or you would like us to build, fly or make your design a viable product, Conachen Aviation can meet your needs, in a short time period.

On June 26th, 2011 Beverly Conachen wing walked for the first time!  Click here to see the video.


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The Osprey® UAV (MK III) meets or exceeds the following requirements.
a) Payload weight capacity > 10 to 65 lbs.
b) Payload volume capacity > 2.0 cubic feet (8" high X 12 wide X 35" length).  
c) Internal aluminum rail system for adjustable payload mounting, with a large removable hatch for easy equipment tray loading.
d) Empty (no payload but fueled) ground take-off weight (GTOW) < 38 lbs with brakes.
e) Flight duration > minimum 1.75 hours at > 65 knots cruise speed.   Maximum 14 hours 
f)  Cruise speed > 75 knots.      Maximum speed > 150 knots
g) Landing speed < 30 kts (no flaps).   15-20 kts (full flap).
h) Pusher Prop Configuration.
i)  Propulsion System: 60cc to 100cc (heavy fuel or gasoline options)
j) Main wheel disc braking system.
k) Easily removable wings (folding wing option available) . The Osprey™ UAV quickly disassembles for ground vehicle transportation into standard pickup truck in under five minutes. 
l)  Internal aluminum rail for quick and easily removable payloads. 
m) Aluminum (T6) and stainless steel landing gear in a Tricycle Gear Configuration.
n)  Use standard runway launch and recovery techniques
o) Wingspan > 132”
p) Length > 93"
q) Hand layed-up epoxy airframe and vacuumed bagged wings.
r)  Standard tail or v-tail versions available.
s) Flaps are available with an air brake option.
t) Interior parts made from Teklam Nomex aircraft panels (no wood parts unless requested).

The Osprey® UAV is not available to the general public and private parties. CA reserves the right to provide goods or services to any research company, State or local law enforcement agency and non-military customers. 

Conachen Aviation recommends the Kestral and Cloud Cap Technologies autopilots.

The Osprey® UAV can be briefly seen on the Discovery Channel program called Modern Marvels. The episode is Extreme Aircraft 2.

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The newest updtaes to the Osprey® has enlarged rudders, heavy duty nose gear, disk brakes and a easily removable hatch (no screws). The Osprey® has internal rails for easy cargo or tray installation.
The Conachen Aviation Seahawk SUAV. Please visit the Seahawk page for more information about this seaplane.
The Osprey® UAV.